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Six Axis Simulator

Rail Impact Simulator

Control Power-Reliance, LLC (CP-R) simulates car, trailer, air, rail and ship transportation. Packaging, dunnage and products can be validation tested in a single day on
CP-R’s Six Degrees of Freedom (6 DOF) floor level table and simulated real world patented rail impact train.

ControlPower Company Six DOF Table with extensive library of drive files simulates
real world shipping conditions:
• Advantages of Truck (with and without air suspension)
• Train Rail Impact Simulator (duplicates rail yard "humping")
• Ship

ControlPower Company High speed digital cameras capture failure event

ControlPower Company Reduce product costs by reducing shipping damage
• Test point of sale packaging,
• Test parts racks
• Test prototype products in their shipping containers

ControlPower Company Our automotive customers test all preproduction shipped
components reducing shipping damage

ControlPower Company Law Firms and Insurance Companies use these tools to verify damage claims


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is to deliver quality products, systems and service, meeting all customer specifications, on time and in budget. We have a plan to build-in excellence and innovation in the products and services we provide.